Is Pole for You? The Top FMEs, or, Frequently Made Excuses

Hi! Do you have both of your arms and legs?

No major injuries, especially in the shoulder, back, or wrist areas?

Do you have a desire to pole dance?

GUESS WHAT: you should totally pole dance.

But I know we can all be resistant to new, scary things, so let me go ahead and guess your reasons for not pole dancing yet, even though you totally want to, don’t lie:

1. But You Have No Upper Body Strength

Most people make this assumption, which is cray, because upper body strength is totally not required for Intro to Pole classes. Guess what else? Teachers totally know you have no upper body strength! They won’t make you do pull ups on your first day, I promise. What they WILL do is give you moves that take your skill and strength level into account, while conditioning you for the harder stuff later on. (I am a teacher, and I promise, we have no desire to embarrass you. It’s our goal to see you do your best, make a little progress, and have a blast).

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2. But You Need to Lose 10 Pounds First

First of all, no you don’t. Pole is for all shapes and sizes. You could only know this by visiting a pole studio though, so try it! Second of all, you know what a super effective way to lose 10 pounds is? Start taking pole. Cardio, strength, and flexibility, in one sexy package.


3. You’re Not “That Girl”

Who is “That Girl” and why does everybody hate her so much?! Nobody is that girl. Taking a pole class does not make you anybody but You, With New and Improved Pole Skills. Also on that note, all styles are welcome in the pole community–click around YouTube and you’ll be amazed at the variety. It’s not just for Playboy Bunnies in training!

4. You’re Scared

This is totally valid. It’s scary to try new things and risk looking stupid. Something to keep in mind: teachers know this, and will do their best to make you feel welcome (at least the good ones should!), and, all the other students in your class will be in the same boat. Bonus: it’s really easy to make friends when surrounded by nervous, self-conscious people.

Did I hit everything?

Still got more questions or concerns?

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