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  1. Hi Cathy.. Lemme just say thank you.. I am Annabelle, 25 years old and And I just lost my virginity to a guy that I trusted enough to do the “deed”. Hahaha. I went willingly to into this situation knowing he’s going back to London and I’m staying in Dubai where I am working. I come from Philippines by the way. He didn’t promise anything and yet my stupid mind just won’t listen and keeps on romanticizing what happened to us.. He was so sweet and patient and understanding and was never a jerk and the aftermath cuddling and spooning! Oh well. I know though that whatever happens, I’ll survive this. Lemme know what you think? Oh and I just dropped him to the airport. He’s on his way back to London now.

    All the Best,

    (The Recently Deflowered One)

    • You will 100% survive. Anything I could tell you would be a less awesome version of what Dear Polly would say, so please, please read every one of these that feels relevant to you:

      A few words of advice I CAN give you: know that your experiences just build and enrich your life–they don’t take anything away from you, just as sexual experiences don’t “deflower” you. Starting thinking with an accumulation mindset instead of giving other people the power to take things away from you (however symbolic). You are the hero of your own novel here.

      Also, start 1. thinking you deserve a little more in relationships (“never a jerk” and cuddling are the bare minimum, not the be all end all), and 2. expect more. If you don’t get it, expect to walk. “Why Men Love Bitches” is another sacred text I can highly recommend 😉

      You’re going to have lots of experiences, lots of sex, and lots of love in your life, so get excited. And don’t be afraid to feel your feelings now, even if they hurt. You’ll look back on this as an important moment in your life (however things shake out), but hardly a defining one, because there’s a lot more to come. You’re gonna thrive!


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