About Cathy

Hi! I’m Cathy, a beginner-level pole dance instructor and pole student. I started this blog in 2012 to help build an online presence as a brand-spanking-new instructor with no clients yet. Since then, it’s morphed into a database of all my thoughts and feelings about pole, a media repository for videos, photos, and hacks for tricks I’ve been working on, and a “Dear Prudence” of sorts for people that write me and tell me they wish they could pole but they can’t (because of X, Y, Z).

Life Bio:

My goal in life is to scare my mom! Just kidding, but between the pole dancing and majoring in  writing  in college (and journalism for my current master’s program), I’ve been remarkably consistent at making my parents feel confused inside. Especially that one time I was on a pole in the New York Post. Love you, mom!postpic

I am a working writer, with ish published in Huffington Post, Time Out New York,  Gothamist, XO Jane, Our Town Downtown, CNBC.com, and amNY, and have the lingering confusion about italics usage to match. My passion for guiding people into satisfying, eclectic careers (pole instructor, heyo!) has led me to my perfect day job(s): blogging career and education advice. And my penchant for telling people what to do has guided me here: my very own pole blog. Bossing people is fun!!!

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You must follow me. MUST.

I hope other people like it, and I’ve been included on at least this one list of pole bloggers, so, crap, I guess we’re really doing this.

Dance Bio:

I got my start in belly dance, which seemed super risque (sequins! belly buttons!) until the dark world of lucite platforms called to me.

Me and the 'Blossoms!
Me (far left) and the ‘Blossoms!

Starting at Pratt Institute with the Bastet student troupe, I’ve since gotten to perform in an Off-off (off… off… off…) Broadway production, a Bellyqueen theatre show, and countless restaurant gigs, recitals, conferences with Bellyqueen’s Fireblossoms troupe.

As for pole, it started, as most good things do, with break-up and a LivingSocial voucher. That was 2011. By 2012, I was a full blown pole addict and a newly minted instructor. This is my story.

(I mean, not really, this is a blog where I make fun of stuff, but it sure sounded dramatic for a second, didn’t it?)

I love questions,  advice-giving, and debates about shoes vs. no shoes and whether pole should be in the Olympics, so talk to me!

Happy twirls!



  1. O my goodness. I pole and belly dance myself …and yoga lol ! That inspires me to see that your taking the same path. I am having a hard time figuring out how to balance it all out. Pole is my main focus what would you say is the best way to do this ? Also I figured out I am doing something wrong due to straining my arms from pole… Uhhh o. Thank you !

    • Awesome!!! All depends what your goals are (and what your budget is, haha). I have barre classes included in my gym membership as well as core/ab classes, and I find that’s great cross training for both inverts and a balletic style on the pole (my big goals). Core twice and barre once a week, plus a flexibility class once a week if I can swing it keeps me busy but feeling a nice balance of strong and limber. Belly dance for me has completely fallen off the radar since grad school, but hoping to get back to it next year!

      • Oh, and cross train those arms, shoulders and back! I do pull-ups with a stretchy band for assistance after my other classes and it’s been great for pole. Just don’t over do it and have your instructor check your form during spins etc. to make sure your shoulders are retracted.

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