Why I haven’t been posting… but I have been making a lot of lotion. cc: pole beauty concerns?

Hey y’all, I’ll keep this short, but I figured I should say something rather than just… not… post… anymore?

It’s been a nuts couple of months, but I’ve been trying to keep up with my training. I was in Europe for three weeks (!!!),  my sister got married, and I’ve been starting a new hobby (if you know me you know I’m big on DIY… chemistry… but I’ve been way more into it lately since learning how EMULSIONS work. Sorry everybody in my life but you’re getting buttloads of lotion for Christmas).

And then a shoulder MRI, which my doctor and I requested months ago, finally got approved by insurance. I’ve been training consistently and feeling good so I was kind of floored by the results that said instead of healing, my tear had “advanced.” My doc advised “no more aerial, starting immediately.”

This has been paired with my ankle (high sprain from a dance class in heels accident) still not healing and actually causing knee pain on my opposite side because I’m still walking funny. So I’m wearing a brace (this happened in MAY, y’all, and I’m newly in a brace in NOVEMBER, I am pissed), and counting the days until insurance will cover more physical therapy in January. But I’m still so shaky and unstable on my left side that ballet, ice skating, and heels are definitely not in my life right now.

So….??? I’m feeling kind of lost, and I haven’t really been doing any kind of exercise, not even stretching, for like 2 weeks.

I just feel betrayed by my body and kind of like, why bother? Which I know is a bad attitude… so I’m going to give myself until Black Friday to sulk a little more and then buy a huge cross training package at my studio and start training everything BUT aerial again (Flex, Ring Thing, CoreAerial… I’m comin’ for ya).

Meanwhile, I’m too type A for this much non-hobby time, and I’m not going home for Thanksgiving this year due to a clusterfuck of weddings timings (multiple weddings, yes), so I’m doing a lot of home improvement stuff (new bathroom sink! new wall paint! new light fixtures!) and f***ing around making more beauty products because I bought a huge haul of supplies and it’s so fun working with materials in actual beakers (!) and stuff.

Which brings me to my next question: what are your pole beauty issues? I noticed there’s a lot of serious grip aids and callous removers and stuff out there, but I’m toying around with making some pole-specific FUN products that are cute, smell good, and aren’t in plastic. If you had a wish list, what would it be?

First on my list is a moisturizer that would be safe to pole in. Then maybe like body spray that’s good for grip and like Dry Hands but not stinky? And in a cuter bottle? I’m also playing around with a gel moisturizer that adds grip, Body Sorbet-style, and post-class hand sanitizer and dry shampoo that smell nice. I got a new set of essential oil blends and everything I’m making lately smells like cookies, I LERVE IT. (Probably not a great idea to get fixated on cookies while not working out tho…). I’m also going to try to make a “day off” body butter type thing–once my new emulsifiying wax comes in–that will be safe to pole in the next day. Jojoba oil tricks your body into soaking it in like its own natural skin grease (sorry) aka sebum (ew) so that combine with waxes that ADD grip (hi beeswax), it might make for an interesting next day grip aid. But we shall see (mad scientist hands).

WAIT. Actually, if anybody would be interested in testing anything I come up with on an actual pole, that would be great and please let me know, because I’ve been banned from poling because of my shoulder D:

Like seriously this is like instagram jail when you post a video with a song in it, WHYYYYY.

Oh okay and I just remembered the last beauty product I was going to make but it’s kind of nasty to admit to needing: anybody else get like, inner thigh crease sweat? That doesn’t smell cute after 3 classes? I remember being really paranoid about this when I used to teach and actually swiping deodorant there so I could demo choppers without offending anyone, but now I realize that’s kind of a cancer hazard probably. So maybe I should play with making a body deodorant? Probably best not to call it like “crotch cream” or something. But it’s a crotchy sport, let’s be real, I have a feeling the need is there.

Anyway, let me know what YOUR wish list would be, or what your top personal care bitches would be related to Pole Lyfe. And also how’s everything? The worst part of not poling is feeling like an outsider for not really being able to contribute anything to the convo. But I still want to talk 🙂 HME! And happy early Thanksgiving!!

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