I’m just coming back from a couple of weeks in New Orleans and I’m starting a new job this week, PRAY FOR ME.

But also please excuse the blog neglect, it’s all I can do to get myself to classes lately (sadly just ballet and ice skating because my shoulders still suck and scare me with popping and clicking and instability). I’m filing an appeal to the extremely rude denial my insurance company gave my request for an MRI because I “haven’t done physical therapy for at least 4 weeks” [Lol try 1.5 years], so, APPEAL.

I also renewed my StretchIt account for a year because I’m a sucker, and I’m doing not one, but two skating series this summer! Super excited to suck less. I also have a package of pole and conditioning classes I need to start dipping into (if my shoulder holds, hence the importance of this dang MRI), so hopefully I’mma have some pole pics and videos fo yo ass soon. <3<3<3

Random NOLA pics below, anybody ever been? I weirdly loved it, despite hating heat and sunshine. Expensive though! (And I say that as a New Yorker). It was also a little scary. In ten years of New York living I’ve never seen a person shoot up before, but I saw it within 24 hours of being in NOLA, and not even in what seemed like a sketchy area. All in all though, it’s an unbelievably cool place and full of interesting people. Do yourself a favor and watch Spike Jones’s documentary When the Levees Broke to learn more about Katrina P.S., it’s the closest to the “real” Katrina stories I heard and it’s… wow.

What did I miss?


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