My last pole videos for a while, BuzzFeed binges, and a new way of eating.

Ok it looks like dog food in the picture but I swear it was good

Hey guys,

I’ll start off with a few poleography vids (two of the same routine–progress!) and then say what I have to say.

I don’t want to say I’m depressed about this per se–I’m kind of in acceptance mode lately. After bucking up and dancing through a few poleography classes (you’ll see me two hand all spins and dips), I’ve developed some strange clicking in both shoulders that my sports therapist has described as “cartilage shearing” due to my shoulder blades STILL not gliding properly. Apparently this is bad, because bones wearing down cartilage is… not something you tend to get away with without surgery at some point.

I’ve been promptly banned from any and all activities involving swinging from the arms, and, I’m…  kind of at peace with it. I’ve already been given the warning that I might have to hang up my pole shoes for good, so, this isn’t really outside of what I’ve been preparing myself to deal with. I’m not happy about it, but I’m also focusing on other things and trying to just put one foot in front of the other with other journeys I know can help pole one day if I do get to come back to it.

if you knew what most people where to ballet classes you would know how ashamed I felt showing up in my pole gear 😐

I ’ve started taking ballet classes, and I’m totally in love. It’s gentle on my upper body, and the lower body challenge is that beautiful combo of physically difficult, but also so mentally challenging that it distracts you from the physical difficulty. All the instructors at the studio, Joffrey, have been incredible, but I highly, highly recommend Giorgia for beginners who don’t like Scary Mommy instruction style (I don’t when I have to do diagonals… eek. BABY ME PLEASE I’M SCARED). She’s excellent, thorough, and full of information, but very kind and welcoming.

I’m currently working on half pirouettes (!!!) and feeling very excited to have goals that don’t involve physical pain. Not being snarky about pole–though we all know that pole burn is a part of every new move, haha–I’m more referring to the relief of genuinely not needing to compromise or modify for my shoulder feeling scarily out of place or in pain. I miss pole, but I’ve missed feeling healthy while being at the studio even more.

I’m also taking up ICE SKATING! This isn’t because I have Olympic fever (note: I completely have Olympic fever, that’s just not the reason. SHIB SIBS 4LYFE!). Rather, my boyfriend and I took a lesson with the Groupon gift cards my mom gave both of us for Christmas and had such a blast that we immediately signed up for regular lessons. They’re starting next week and I’m thrilled. Ice skating looks the way pole spins do when they’re really juicy and vibey and I’m HERE FOR IT. Can’t wait to explore my ~edges~ and hopefully not fall on my ass too much. Meanwhile I’m watching YouTube videos about the difference between a Lutz and Flutz and judging Evgenia Medvedeva. I intend to explore whether pole experiences translates at all (probably not but let’s see) and report back.

On a random note: I saw a (deeply unadvisable) split challenge on BuzzFeed where people tried to do splits in 2 weeks. Lol if only it were that easy. You’ll be unsurprised to know that none of the contestants hit their splits at the end (one ALLEGEDLY did, but girl, I looked at it and it was not a split. no.), but they DID all make inches of progress towards them. Which made me like… *strokes chin.* The training was 10 minutes of stretching in the morning and 10 in the evening, and while the video didn’t detail exactly what people did…. I’m kind of fine with that, because we all know how to stretch for splits. We just… don’t stretch. (Okay speaking for myself here).

So of course I watched the video and was like, why can’t I stretch 10 minutes in the morning and 10 at night? What, is this cutting into my drinking seltzer on the couch time? Please, I can to that. So I’m attempting this for weekdays only (Because I seriously fell off over the weekend), and I’m telling you… I already feel results. In the morning I do a 15 minute gentle yoga “reset” routine I like (despite fucking hating yoga in general) as a warm up, because I’m hella stiff in the morning.

Anybody want to do this with me and see if it makes a difference? If nothing else, it will help me feel like I’m still in the ~pole zone~ so I’mma go for it.

OH another thing (so many updates, so little time): I got into the no-waste thing, which I highly recommend, and as a result of not being able to purchase food in plastic packaging, I’m eating a lot better. Which has resulted in feeling amazing. Most of my diet now is comprised of these things called “buddha bowls” which I saw a veg friend post on facebook, and now I can’t figure out how I lived without them. Sharing with pole peeps because they’ve given me so much energy for dance classes so I’m sure y’all will enjoy.

This was my gateway:

And this was my follow up:

Ok it looks like dog food in the picture but I swear it was good

The brussel sprouts-carmelized onion thing is surprisingly yummy, and obvi the mexican thing with the fresh corn and sweet potatoes if mf-ing delicious. But try them all!!

So tell me: are you already eating like this? Am I the last person on earth to discover this?

And if you’re interested in making less garbage (which I have found life changing and beneficial in ways that continue to surprise me), just google “zero waste” and pick like, 1 thing to try. I started with produce bags to take to the grocery store, and now boyfriend’s blending homemade hummus and I’m making my own deodorant (???). It’s a slippery slope, but one worth sliding down.


PS. here’s a video Alan shot on the ice and almost fell, I’m dying. You need sound to get the full affect.

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