Prolotherapy and Me, AKA How I Ended up with This Many Bruises Without Poling. ALSO: Which Bridesmaid Dress Should I Wear?

Hey y’all!

I’m still doing PT (8 months now) but my sports doctor is less than enthused about my healing progress. So I’m trying prolo!

Here’s what it is: dextrose injections into a bunch of different spots in the place that ails you. (If you’re thinking dextrose sounds like sugar…. you’re right!)

Why?? Because it’s a low-risk, drug-free way to trick your body into healing itself by triggering inflammation.

Here’s why it sucks: shots. SO. MANY. SHOTS.

My doctor estimated that it would be around 11, but here’s the gross part: she kept the needle in my skin and would move it to new points for some of those injections. I peeked once and it looked a bit like that guy’s stomach in Alien. Not cute. And also it hurt, because the need goes deeeeeeep in the muscle 😐

It hurt a bit afterwards, but that’s supposed to happen, because… inflammation, duh. You’re not supposed to do anything anti-inflammatory oriented (for obvious reasons), including icing the area, popping ibuprofen, or eating ginger, because also duh.

(I kind of fucked up at a lot of that because I was on day 1 of my period with access to only Advil as a pain killer and I totes drank a natural ginger ale without thinking about it, so maybe this is the reason I didn’t actually experience what felt like inflammation. I DID, however, feel like I got shots in 10 places in my arm, so, not sure if that’s the standard “stiffness and pain” that’s supposed to be par for the course for prolo or, ya know, just what happens when you get 10 shots in your arm. WHEW).

Weirdly, my shoulder felt much better for a couple of days afterwards (when the first day of ow subsided), but then hurt again after attempting a pole class a week later.

I haven’t given up though–my doctor says it often takes three treatments to do the job, so, I’ll be back in in a week to try again (yippee). And I’ll be sure to snap some gory pics of the bruises I ended up with too. Not for the faint of heart!

Would you ever do something that was low risk and likely to help, but involves 11 shots? What if it cost $100 bucks and was not covered by insurance?

(PURELY theoretical, of course).

(Am I woo-woo now? Desperate times…)

Oh, and how was your thanksgiving?!

Here’s a few pics of mine, many taken with my camera by bae! I taught him a little about composition and then he went and read the manual now he’s totally upstaging me with all this aperture and shutterspeed stuff 😐

I spent the day AFTER Thanksgiving ordering not one but SIX bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s upcoming wedding because I’m bad at making decisions, but I’m cheap AF and definitely want that black friday discount on the one I end up with.

I’m torn between the strapless and the one shoulder. The first I feel like I could wear again, but to use my boyfriend’s words of the second, “you’re not going to wear either of these dresses again and you know it so you might as well go full bridesmaid.” What do you think?

IDK… strapless is chill but one shoulder is something I’d never otherwise have a chance to wear so… I’m into it? Also BRA WITH AT LEAST ONE STRAP, WHOOO.

Long dresses are hard btw, ugh, yuck. Let’s just take a moment of silence for all the bridesmaids out there trying not to look dumpy in yards and yards of chiffon. #onelove.

XOXOXO and hope you had a nice holiday!


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