Happy Halloween!!! What’s your costume?

Please share. And see if you can guess mine (and bae’s).

NOTE: this was not taken on Halloween but when each of us got the last pieces of our costume in from Amazon (so there’s no makeup, etc). I’m expecting WAY better pics by end of day.

Wanna venture a guess?

Hint: it puts the lotion on the skin.

Hint: would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.

Hint: 🤐 🐑

Okay if you’re still stumped, watch this video that we made for our company’s halloween contest.

OKAY–other questions: are we team sexy costumes or team as realistic as possible costumes? Anybody doing anything political? Are pregnant Kylie Jenner costumes okay? Lemme know and send your own pics so I can feel insecure about my Halloween choices pls!

OH and wouldn’t this make kind of a dope ass pole sole? Gooodbyeeee hooooorseeeeees.

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