GENTLE PT exercises: my routine!

me and a helper! ;D


I’m still off the pole but bored AF without it, so I made a video about my physical therapy exercises.

The exercises I’m doing in PT are actually harder now as I’ve healed and progressed a bit (I made this about three weeks ago), but these are awesome for anybody dealing with a fresh injury/anybody who doesn’t want to go ham for whatever reason.

The exercises require a stretchy band (I’m keen on theraband, but the lightest version of anything else should be okay too, pending your injury status), a lacrosse ball (found at your local Modell’s!), a foam roller, a hand towel, and MAYBE a set of weights. But almost all can be done without this stuff, and I actually recommend doing things like rows without resistance if you’re feeling fragile. Helps you get those muscles firing without being tough on sad muscles and tendons.

(Quick note on equipment modifications: the thoracic extension can be done sitting in a chair that hits you mid-back–you just tip over it; the vertical shrugs can be done without weights; rows can be done without band, or with weights and tipping slightly forward from the waist; open books can be done in bed with your head resting on a pillow! (I use a yoga block in the vid).

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The stuff in this video is good for you if…

  1. Your traps are tight. If you pole dance, they are. If you work at a desk, they are. Basically if you’re a modern human, your traps are tight, GET OVER IT.
  2. Your lats need help. If you pole dance, they can probably use some love, just saying.
  3. Your rotator cuffs need help. See above two items.

So that’s it! I’m going to try to work on my “hard” exercises next for a demo vid, but let me know what you think of these exercises. They were a total godsend when everything I was doing hurt, and they definitely helped, because now I can do incredibly hard stuff (ugh).


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