Music Monday: If You Let Me, Sinead Harnett. Plus: the bra to wear after arm (aka pole) day.

Really feeling this song for a sexy freestyle… can’t wait till I’m back in action! Sinead also sings on this song with Snakehips that I really dig for practice/warmups/stretching.

Random, but I stumbled upon a fantastic sports bra at my sworn apparel enemy (except for sports bra): Victoria’s Secret.

As you guys know, I’ve been working with a shoulder/bicep injury for the past few months that has good days and bad days. And bad weeks, sometimes.

Tl;dr on my previous posts about this: since my shoulder hasn’t been tracking properly, certain movements rub my short bicep tendon and piss it off (technically speaking, of course).

When this happens, I cannot put my hand behind my back, sometimes for days. Like, straight up, I can’t do it. I can barely put my bookbag on, can’t pull up tight pants, and need help hooking my bra. (Ya, this got pretty real).

Besides wearing elastic waist skirts, cross-body bags, and stretchy sports bras (which aren’t nearly supportive enough and still hurt to wriggle into), I also came across this AMAZING VS bra that’s really helped me get dressed comfortably and transition seamlessly from work to an after-work class or a physical therapy session.


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When I first took it out of the bag, this thing felt too flimsy and lightweight to wrangle double Ds, but the structure really comes through: it’s a front clasp bra that resembles… normal VS fare (re: it’s alarmingly like a push up bra, but give it a chance), but a stretchy, fuller-coverage layer zips up over that clasped section to really lock and load ya.

Now, I’ve owned two VS (ahem, BS) bras that zipped in front with no inner layer, and full disclosure, they sucked. The zipper busted off of both and couldn’t be fixed (my cheap ass really tried), and the back wasn’t very adjustable (a deal breaker for me because my boobs are heavy and always stretch out straps after a few months of wear).


This version is a huge improvement. It’s stretchier all over, so it’s way more comfortable and light (the old ones I had that were similar felt like I had a rope over my rib cage when zipped), it has adjustable back straps, and it’s REALLY easy to get on and off if your upper body hurts a lot (hi hello).

I do get a little bounce running in it, but the bounce is… how do I put this–upper bounce? Like I get some jiggle, but it’s not that horrible, painful, full boob bounce? Basically I feel pretty strapped down, but not so much so that sitting at my desk in this thing all day sucks. For pole, it’s perfect.

I snapped up my bra via an amazing promotion that I’m not sure is still running: pick out a black sports bra and black pant for $50 bucks, which is an incredible deal because the leggings I picked out were $60 on their own, and ALSO incredible. Pro tip: if they do do this promo again though, don’t even fuck with ANY of the other bras if you have larger chest. I’ve tried a lot of them, and the majority are crap. A few, though, I’m 100% loyal too (like this one). Oh, and make sure you grab the real workout leggings from the kind they let you choose from, NOT the “everyday” aka thin single layer of sweat-showing-cotton ones, because that’s some VS BS.

(psssst: If you don’t like a pooch glare/shine on your leggings, go for the black matte. Trust. Oh and don’t be afraid to size up. I did because I hate struggling just to get my pants on. Like, I work my arms hard enough during my workout, I don’t need to be doing arm rows just getting some stupid spandex up my calves.)

Black matte vs. black:

(Pssst again: I do a size large (I’m 5’5 and 155 lbs for reference) and then tighten the hidden drawstring a little for security because my booty likes to move pants. Very comfy and still fits nice and close. I also do the crop length, NOT capri, so I can yank them on over sneakers quickly #lazy #lunchtimegymhustle).

Are you a fan of VS or nah? I honestly can’t stand most of their day to day stuff, but I’m really into a lot of their workout gear. Hidden drawstring waist so my leggings don’t inch down during squats? Sweat-wicking and anti-bac fabric? Hidden waist pockets for gym card, etc? YAS.

They’re pricey, but, if the promotions are right, you can stock up for a reasonable amount.

OH ONE LAST THING: This is me in a pole studio!!! Not a drill/mirage!

I’m sneakily doing some core aerial classes (sorry Dr. Sinson!) and got my front balance in a hammock!

If at first you don’t succeed, risk face planting again and again and again 😂.

Felt so good to be a few inches off the ground, regardless of apparatus, and to working that grip strength. Silks and hammocks are hard AF!!! But pro tip #2: hanging like (with the hammock in your hip creases) is like extreme foam rolling for your hip flexors. I’ve been seeing those gainzzzzz in my front splits a few days afterward every time I do this. So painful, but totally worth it.

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