Summer so far.

first, the softball season wrapped.

I’m still not allowed to pole, so this summer has been… weird.

Normally I’d escape the pathetic air conditioning in my stuffy apartment’s with a lovely afternoon of back to back classes, but as of two weeks ago (following a week of near immobilization in my left arm after a flex class), I’m not even allowed to do conditioning classes like liquid motion anymore. (At least until I complete PT in a couple of weeks).

[Pro tip guys: if you’re ever injured, don’t feel like you have to power through your classes because you have a package that’s expiring. Get a doctor’s note! This allowed me to bump the expiration date of the rest of my classes so I could rest up and then take them safely]

Luckily, I’m in a bigger apartment with TWO air conditioners now (omg the fucking luxury, you have no idea), but that hasn’t settled my brain that wants to DO STUFF at all. So. I’ve been touristing hard, doing barre classes (as always), and falling back in love with bellydance (which was really humbling to go back to. Um, advanced class? I think I’m leveling down to beginner until further notice. How did I never notice how fast this choreography was before?!).

This is what that’s looked like. Not pictured: me longingly looking at everybody else poling on Instagram. D:D:D:

So… this and Cali were really my summer so far.

I seriously cannot wait to start poling again though, I’m losing my mind. I’m also getting the video itch, so I’ll probably be working on a look at the shoulder and back exercises I’ve been doing in PT for you guys.

I honestly can’t believe how effective it’s been. I’m finally feeling my left lat working, and my traps are slowly but surely de-knotting. Still… I’m having a lot of inflammation after any and all dance activities and upper body workouts, so, PT is probably all I can really even demo D:

Send healing vibes so I can get back in action soon!!


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