Color Me GRADUATED! And: Wanna Make a Movie?

??? is this right?

So great news: I’m a proud holder of an “Innovations in Journalism” Masters of Science of Communication Masters degree from S.I. Newhouse at Syracuse University!

Y’all know I already got that ish in the mail, but there’s something about putting on the stupid pointy hat and black muumuu that makes it really feel official.

Not to get all Academy Awards, but huge thanks to anybody that let me put them in a video (Piyali, Irene, Nicole… you guys were incredible sports and SO patient with me learning my equipment in tangent with shooting your videos. Kind of a breakneck pace but we did it!).

For those who filled out surveys and gave me quotes for podcasts, and answered sensitive questions about their preferences, jobs, hopes and dreams, etc, thank you TOO–your contribution was especially thankless because it was anonymous, but it was a key part of research I needed for projects. Thank you!!

I’m not sure what comes next… I know a lot of people in my program are looking forward to new job chapters, but… I’ve been using my degree basically from the day I started earning it, so I’m pretty happy! Yes, I know this is  lucky–not everybody has a job that’s willing to let you just try making a video series or do a data journalism piece, so I’m very grateful. But…. I want to keep doing artsy fartsy dance projects (skip to the bottom for more on this if you’d like to be in one).

Here’s the weird thing about all this: I always thought I hated video and photography stuff. I come from a writing background, so just “filming” things seemed too easy, and I think I was insecure about using the technology.

[Sidenote: THE TECHNOLOGY IS HARD AF SOMETIMES. That was probably my biggest challenge, but pro tip: keeping shots simple (and well composed… rule of thirds, son), mic’ed (and backup mic’d), well lit, and in-focus will get you 96% there. It’s when you get distracted or fancy that you lose track of your shot getting fuzzy or the fact that your actors’ faces are dark that shit falls apart.]

But now that I’ve gotten a little more comfortable with my equipment… all I want to do is tell stories.

So here’s my proposition for you: if you dance, and you live near New York City, get at me. I would love to shoot  and interview you.

I’m also going to be in LA for two weeks in June (14th-25th, and then I’m in San Fran!), so if you live there, get at me as well!

This is more for fun and practice than anything, but I’d love to know how you got into dance and why you stick with it. The resulting product would be a 2-3 minute video like so:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Help me keep playing!!!

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