Never Gonna Pole Again

So... thera and pearly.

Me rn:

Also me:

But also, in my heart, this is me @ pole:


Still injured, still not poling… still banned even from PLANKING. My life is a mess right now.

I haven’t really been posting much because welp, I haven’t been poling or even doing flex/floorwork stuff because EVERYTHING involves shoulders, it’s cray.

I’m basically just doing barre and PT exercises and feeling very flabby and sad.

But please follow me on instagram (@thespindiaries) to get more current updates. I take PT pics and stuff that I haven’t bothered to share on here because I feel insecure about my “poler” status 😐

Here’s what I’ve learned so far about what’s going on with my shoulder:

1. What I thought was “pulling my shoulders down and together” via my lats/rhomboids was actually reverse shrugging my upper traps.

Thus, my rhomboids are a weak and uneven mess and my traps are knotted chaos.

Actually let me clarify: I truly can pull my RIGHT side down and back via lats and rhomboids. But it’s my left side that tries to present the appearance of pulling down and back while not actually doing that (again, I’m just depressing my traps) and I’ve been putting my poower shoulder in an unsafe position during nearly all my upper body training.


But at least now I know why pole has been so excruciating, and I’m no longer beating myself up about not working through the pain. It truly was not going to be beneficial and probably could have done real damage.

2. Ice really does help. When you have inflammation, it’s part of the healing process–it doesn’t just “numb the pain.” WHO KNOW???? (Not this girl who was all “Ice is for babies!”).

This is me at PT but I also got this fancy therapearl thing that probably isn’t neccessary but is nice?

miss injured america!
So… thera and pearly.

3. PT really does help, and it’s not woo-woo. My boyfriend is currently rehabbing a TOE–because a sprained ankle lead him to walk differently which hurt his toe. He’s doing all kinds of ankle and leg exercises. It’s all connected. PT is not bullshit.

That said I’ve been in there twice a week relearning how to pinch my shoulder blades together. It sounds pathetic but it feels more productive than entire conditioning classes I’ve done for truly understanding how to carry my body during aerial.

Pray for me D:

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