Damaged goods.

Took this pic to remember how to put this ish on... yeah no, I still have no idea how to do it myself 😂

I made a long-avoided appointment with a sports therapist for some shoulder pain a few weeks ago. Then I signed up for a pole showcase at my dance studio. Then I got some imaging results back from the sports therapist. Then I cancelled the showcase.

Turns out, I have bursitis, tendonitis, and a tear. But here’s the hilarious part–that’s the ultrasound result for my right shoulder. The left is the one that hurts! So we asked for the other shoulder and that’s one’s fucked up too 😂😂😂

I was pretty shocked to see “tear” but my doctor assures me it’s from overuse and not something I would have felt come on suddenly. That also explains why it’s on my not-hurting-like-a-bitch-side–that’s the one I’ve been relying on to get me through months of pole classes while my left side was acting up.

I’m currently doing KT tape and lots of conditioning and physical therapy exercises to try to recover, but damn, my ego is bruised as fuck, and I can’t go anywhere near a pole. I’ll keep you guys updated, but there may not be much to report for a while: no classes for me. I can’t even do pull ups. (I know, I’m not going to survive this :p).

On the bright side… people at the gym look at me like I’m a badass with my fancy tape on. I’m also getting a little extra shoulder/chest flexibility from not using my shoulders and chest 😂 I’ll take it!

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Please send healing vibes!

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