Music Monday: John Legend

Okay as much as I hated that Chrissy Teigen wedding song (but don’t get it twisted, I love Chrissy)… I have a lot of love for O.G. John Legend.

Even his song in Lalaland was good? (And lawd knows I have as much hate for that movie as for the Chrissy Teigen wedding song).

P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)

Sexy, happy, fun, upbeat… a great feelgood freestyle song.

Save Room

I mean come on. Same as above. Fun, cute, sessy… you know the deal.

PS. Here’s John Legend without a shirt. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Slow Dance

No one seems to ever know this song?!! But it’s so chill and sexy. It’s been on my playlist for a good 8 years now. We’re talking OG iPod Mini status.

Heaven Only Knows

Good upbeat lyrical fodder.

Overload (feat. Miguel)

Lyricallllll girl, get it. Love the raw, emotional quality of his voice here.

Marching into the Dark

Funky, lyrical… cool.


Fun warmup song! How good does Brandy sound on here?!

Open Your Eyes

I love his version of this, omg. (I love the original too, PS). This is lyrical all the way.


Am I missing anything??? Do you also hate “All of Me“? Seriously, fuck that song.

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