Do you look extremely nasty after you pole?

Was cleaning out my old drafts folder (because I have 24 of them, whaaaat) and found yet another little half-finished post from 5 (!!!) years ago.

Updates: 1. I still use hairspray in a pinch, but I like Urban Decay’s All Nighter Spray better now for keeping my makeup in place during times of sweat (2 pack during a Sephora sale, still going strong!).

January, Februar 114
Throwback to 2012

2. I still immediately take a chunk of out the polish on my big toes every time I pole #somethingsneverchange

3. I haven’t taught in a LONG time and I’m seriously thinking about getting back into it. You truly do learn the most when you teach, and I had so much fun doing it. I still subconsciously make mental playlists for class… gotta look into this.

4. New additions to this list: stretched out shirts (since I tie them in a knot in front for moves that require belly), and a weird mullety hair style because the pieces in the back always fall out out of my ponytail first.

Okay, let’s all jump into a time-machine to 2012!



I taught almost four hours straight last night, and I really should have snapped a before and after class picture. Because it was not pretty.

Then again, time doesn’t really make a difference… one hour or four, I always walk out of class MESSED UP:

1. Feet

Filthy, from the floors. And I always manage to rub half of the polish off of my big toenail. I think this is because I do a toe drag when I walk.

2. Hair

Sweaty, obvs, but then there’s the extra nastiness that comes from repeatedly running fingers through your hair that are covered in dry hands. Ew.

3. Makeup

Actually, my makeup stays weirdly perfect. Hairspray. On the face. Just do it. You can sweat right through that ish and eye makeup stays put. Which is important because I have to wear a lot of makeup to my classes (house rules AND helps me get in to character. I’m shy, you guys).

4. Bruises

Depending on what I’m doing, if I’m demonstrating (re: performing the same move or spin over, and over, and over) I’m coming away with some teeny little purple dots on my shins and the tops of my feet.

5. Red wrists

Hair ties. And watches. And sometimes, just a lot of damn time on the pole.

6. Blisters/Callouses

Hours of nonstop poling through alternating sweat and too-stickiness (Dry Hands) mean a lot of friction and wear and tear.

7. Sweat

Ugggggh this is so gross, but no matter how in shape I think I am, a class will leave me with a damp spot on my lower back and chest. Boob sweat. It’s the best.

What’s your after-pole look?

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