Poling with Period? a Word on Thinx.

Bikini! I was pleasantly surprised that the tan version was black on the inside...

Anther throwback to 2012 from my draft folder.

Some updates: well, there’s really two: 1. I’m now obsessed with bringing multiple pairs of socks to class (it’s a floorwork and flex thing), and 2: I’m now a FIRM believer in Thinx.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not sponsored post or anything. Bae got me some on request for Christmas because they are $$$ and I naturally tried them out and have feelings).

First, the bad: if you have a booty, you’re going to have a gluteal fold situation with Thinx, even the boy shorts. Actually especially that style, because they’re cut very straight. But I bought them because the elastic situation on the bikinis is trill and I didn’t want VPL.

FullSizeRender (4)
Bikini! I was pleasantly surprised that the tan version was black on the inside…
FullSizeRender (10)
but yikes, this isn’t exactly seamless.
FullSizeRender (9)
the elastic situation is intense here. Jeans only!

So re: the cut on the boyshorts: I was… not happy about this, and actually want to return them. Thinx was really nice about this and just refunded the cost to my boyfriend, let us keep the two pairs we had already bought, and just had us order two more in the next size up separately. (Which still had a gluteal fold situation, so, whatever, I don’t wear them under dresses or tight skirts, but they’re fine under jeans and obvi pole shorts).

They look like little tap pants!
FullSizeRender (3)
But under the hood, they’re matte. And there’s nothing weird inside. how???

But setting that aside for a minute, let’s talk pole and periods. Periods used to be a huge issue for me while teaching, because all eyes were on me, and a class sees your butt as often as your face while you’re demonstrating stuff. I still get self-conscious while taking classes during my period because now that I’m doing a lot of inverts in class, I’m getting a lot of spots with someone’s face in my crotch. That’s just a fact of life.

***TMI alert*** I use the Instead cup because it’s way cheaper and more comfortable than tampons, and one cup (with twice a day rinsing/cleaning) lasts me my whole period. A box of these (12) costs like eight bucks, and that means I buy a box ONCE a year. That’s way less shopping for tampons, way less boxes under my sink, and it means packing exactly one very slim item when I’m going away for a few days and expecting period action. (I paused over this for several moments waiting for a more graceful way to express “period action” to come to me, but it didn’t. Sorry).

FullSizeRender (5)
Instead Cup in packaging.
FullSizeRender (8)
Totally not scary, and very purse-friendly! Wrapper=impervious to water bottle condensation.

ANYWAY, the trouble with these little MFers (and with Diva Cups too, I’ve heard), is that they don’t leak at all, unless they do, and then it’s a SITUATION. Like, for them to leak, the seal breaks, and all hell breaks loose. It’s a Shining moment.

So that means for the first day or two of my period, I need to wear a pad just in case. Which is obnoxious because usually I don’t have a leak, and then I wore a pad for nothing. And that’s terrible because 1. pads are expensive, and 2. pads fucking suck for moving around and will ruin your pole time for you. They make sounds, they’re bulky, they twist, they get disgusting when you sweat…. I could go on, but I won’t.

So I usually skip my pole classes during my period.

[I mean i know, wah wah, I should just suck it up and go. But I usually think twice and don’t, if I’m being honest.]

Thinx changed that.

  1. They don’t budge with twisting, moving, putting your feet behind your head, etc.
  2. They seal in nastiness. Sorry, TMI, but both period and crotch sweat are contained. It’s unfreaking believable.
  3. No smells. Your teacher can have her face 3 inches away from the Danger Zone and you don’t have to be concerned. You’ll be dry, smell-less, and totally covered.
  4. They look and feel totally normal. You just go to class, do your thing, and don’t give your period a second thought.

Granted, I haven’t tried them NOT as backup, but for my purposes, I now consider them absolutely essential to maintaining my polin’ lifestyle 12 weeks out of the year. I’m even tempted to wear them NOT when I’m period-ing because they’re cute, secure, and they prevent that little spot of butt sweat (!!!).

Have you tried them? Would you?

I know they’re super fucking expensive, but I don’t see myself ever going back to pads. Maybe they’ll pay for themselves that way?

Anyway, now that I’ve gone WAY off topic–this was my “get ready to teach a pole class” checklist from 2012.


A few things I do to get ready:

1. Eat.

This technically isn’t about beauty, but fainting is not a good look.

**** 2017 update: I have utterly exhausted my tolerance for “bars” of any kind, so I try to keep a chocolate Muscle Milk or something in my bag on class days. They’re not GREAT warm, but… they’re faster and tastier to get down than some shitty Fiber One thing, so, I like em. They also go good with bananas.

2. Brush my teeth

I get a lot of sandwiches with pesto. And students get all up in my grill with questions (I play my music too loud, I’ll admit it).

****2017 update: because I now sometimes work out like 3 times a day, eating takes priority over brushing. I tend to grab an apple now on the way to class if I’m feeling some sandwich remnants happening.

3. Deodorize/scent

Sweating happens, so, deodorant happens first. A little body splash if I’m feeling fancy. You’re welcome.

****2017 update: I completely don’t bother with this. But word to the wise: anti-microbial underwear are currently my jam for 3+ hour class binges. No spritzes or swipes of anything required.

4. Amp up the makeup a little

A little eyeliner, a little lipstick, a little fluff of the hair… getting in character helps me face a class, especially after a long day!

****I’m now into taking OFF my makeup with a towelette or some micellar water and a cotton pad, then smearing on a little BB cream if my skin is looking no bueno. Sweating through fresh makeup>sweating through old, set-with-powder makeup.

5. Tweak the wardrobe

Roll the shorts, adjust the shirt, check the back for VPL

****I still totally do this. Gotta look cute to feel yourself in those freestyles!

What’s your pre-pole routine?

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