Cute combo alert: dip into… thing… into back thing… into… another thing.

Jesus I need to refresh my pole vocab. This is very much something I’m just learning but took a vid to try and remember. V. cute and fun combo courtesy of Emily @B&P! Wish I could explain it better, but hopefully the video shows all.

Unrelated: I was doing a few pullups at the gym (part of my abs class & pullups routine around lunchtime) and COLIN KAEPERNICK WAS THERE.

He was just there. Being a pro athlete, but pretending he was a normal person.

Anyway, bae and me snuck a quick video because we have zero chill. Sorry for being creepy, Colin! Please keep coming to our gym!

How’s everybody’s pole goals coming? I’m fully committed to a new “2-pole-classes-a-week-and-one-flex-class” routine, plus twice weekly abs/pullups and once a week barre. Wow, now that it’s all on paper I feel like less of slacker. I also just put up my pole at my new place (FINALLY) so I’m hopefully to get some much needed practice time back into my schedule.


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