Women’s march in New York, swing climbs, and any favorite 80s jams?

Note: I’m straight up shellshocked lately with political stuff happening. It’s seemed really trivial to post about pole dancing while so much crazy shit is going down.

I was at the Women’s March here in New York while my mom was in Washington. Our family is… unnerved. Anyway, here’s a bit of what I saw there through my ancient T2i. (pics i’m IN are by bae with his phone, and some came out better than mine which is ANNOYING).

But that said, I have still been dancing. I’ve still been stretching, and conditioning, and going to class, and working on my pull ups. I just haven’t found the will to say much about it.

This is a post I was working on before the inauguration that seemed pointless at the time.

But I think it’s important to keep going on as normally as possible. Like for health reasons. Right? I hope right, ugh.

Hope you’re all doing okay. Sending love and solidarity.

Swing climbs!

These are so fun, and I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately.

They’re not something to be done with sweaty hands, but an easy way to mix up your freestyles. The trick to not banging your shins is to tuck  your pelvis and crunch your abs as you bring your legs forward. That absorbs a lot of the swing. Be sure to roll up dramatically as you reset your hands. #workit

I also did my first elbow hold! Which was awkward, because the teacher had to come over and specifically give me the note that big-boobed people need to angle their elbows HIGHER. (It helps, btw. But very embarrassing haha).

Aside from that stuff, but I’ve been on an 80s kick lately and stumbled on this music video, which is super weird. (Bae and I were watching the Wedding Singer and were researching Boy George).

Bae was intrigued and attempted the dance. Pretty good, but I was laughing too hard to be his backing vocals.

But seriously, 80s music, as odd as it good be, birthed some serious jamz… I’ve been in a Depeche Mode mood lately, and the first time I heard “I Feel It Coming” on a car radio I completely thought I was hearing vintage Michael at first.

I Feel It Coming from Erwin James on Vimeo.

Can anybody recommend any 80s jams, faux or otherwise? I’m in the mood for a musical time machine :p


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