testin' that sweet, sweet lat motion

That’s a wrap on grad school!!!

I literally just finished my last class ever, and gave my last presentation ever. PRAISE BE.

I plan to celebrate with wine and a trip straight to the pole studio which has cobwebs on it, in my heart.

I think I told y’all before, but I did my final project in “Emerging Media Platforms in Journalism” class on SENSORS, and how they can be used in pole dance, I mean journalism.

Y’all can see the outtakes below, and god help me, I have a 4,000 word paper due on it soon, but this is the five minute presentation version I gave literally 30 minutes ago!

(Not sure how people felt about the pole stuff… but they can’t say they weren’t entertained ;D )

And then here’s some silly pics/video of us working on it. *SIGH* what a feeling to be done with this!!!! Whatever happens now, the rest of my life… I now know how to strip a wire and solder a circuit board. Pretty cool! No ragrets! ;D


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