What are your pole problems?

Please tell me! Email is fine too 🙂 just click my “contact me” box so I don’t have to put it out here in front of everybody.

I’m working on a school project to potentially solve a problem for a niche audience (obviously I chose my pole fam), but first, I’d like to know what annoys you about polin’.

(that just autocorrect to “polio”… yikes, that puts things into perspective).


-Do you feel anxious about sharing pole pics and videos with EVERYONE vs. just a few dance people on social media?

-Do you worry about sharing progress pics/video knowing you’re not “perfect” yet?

-Do you feel bored and uninspired rehearsing by yourself?

-Do you have a place to store moves you’ve worked on/track advancement?

-Do you need a new way to show people your skills? (Photos/video of you in the studio is looking boring?)

Or anything else?

Also, hope you had a very spoopy Halloween 😀



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