Re: My personal pole heroes, here’s that video of Nicole at Hudson Valley Pole Arts

Remember I said I was making a video about a favorite pole instructor of mine? It’s here!!

I first met Nicole while I was feverishly taking Groupon-fueled classes about 6 months into my illustrious pole career. She was teaching at Sacred in Brooklyn (which has sadly discontinued its pole program) and I remembered her long after the studio closed for the following reasons:

  1. She’s cool and hilarious
  2. She’s incredibly compassionate and patient with struggling students (Hi! Me.)
  3. She BELIEVES in you (and she’ll teach you some hard-ass stuff that you were about to nope right out of except for her absolute confidence in you. And then lo and behold, you’re doing chopsticks and she’s doing an adorable happy dance).
  4. She’s sexy af (Nicole is one of those cool teachers who layers optional twerking onto all moves and seamlessly transitions from slinky across the floor stuff to hanstands against the wall in warm ups)
  5. Her taste in music is BOSS
  6. Her general humbleness and down to earthness despite a seriously intimidating skillset is endearing and rare

Nicole did something truly badass when Sacred closed its pole doors, and started her own studio. It’s kind of far (in Kingston) so it wasn’t until I had a truly good excuse, like a class project, that I was able to visit her in her new space.

Huge thanks to Nicole for letting me camp out in her space and awkwardly film inanimate objects for several minutes at a time, then ask her all kinds of questions over and over.

It’s a beautiful space and I think Nicole’s amazing personality shines through here, so I seriously encourage you to check out her studio if you’re ever in the area. And if you’re NOT in the area, you need to be following her on socials anyway because she’s a f***ing riot and her combo videos are fire.

Hope you like this little video!


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