Music Monday: The Love Jones Edition. PLUS: pull up-progress!

So occasionally, I’ll see something that costs more money than I actually have and go YASS LIFE IS SHORT and buy it.

I almost never regret these decisions, because I make them so seldomly, and because they add spice and flavor to my life that careful thought and reason would excise.

This happened with pole. I saw a Groupon and was like FUCK IT I’M IN, and my life has never been the same.

And then there are other times where I don’t do my research and just buy something and drag someone else and it’s not what I thought it was at all. But that’s also okay because ***mEmOrIeS***

The latter was the case with Love Jones: The Musical.

If y’all know me… you know I have a minor Musiq Soulchild obsession.

Which is a tough obsession to have because like… he’s not drake. There are not concerts popping near me yearly, you know?

So I saw this dude was in something near me in a week and I was like “Take all my money, I don’t even have questions.”

These was especially because Raheem Devaughn was in it too.

And Dave Hollister. (This song has been intermittently stuck my head from the first time I heard it, so roughly 4 years).

Chrisette Michele was also there, and ended up shocking me with her talent live. (Actually, a note on this: everybody’s talent live was pretty damn shocking).

So, onto the surprises: there was airport style security. I have never encountered this at a “musical” before. But I guess I should have expected it on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn? Is that normal? I don’t know. But it was  pretty obnoxious to walk through a metal detector and have to throw my UNOPENED bottle of seltzer out. More disturbing was that the mostly black audience didn’t seem surprised or even to particularly mind being barked at by security guards on their way into an 80-dollar-a-ticket event. This gave me a lot of pause, but that’s probably a conversation for a different blog post.

But back to the show: this was a “jukebox” musical, not like… a normal musical. The music was definitely barbecue R&B jams from the early 90s, and I was into that. “Strokin'” made an acapella appearance, which was… a little shocking, honestly. But enjoyable?

Because of this, music was concert style, which meant I had tissue stuffed in my ears for 80% of it. Loud noises y’all. Bae’s ears were also in pain, which was confusing because nobody else at the venue seemed to mind. This leads me to believe that everybody else abuses their ear buds and is functionally deaf. Does anybody else ever have this problem??? #old

This was a fun show, and totally not what I expected, but as bae said on the way home, “this was not something I would have ever experienced in my life otherwise,” and I agree.

Musiq was everything I hoped he would be, the show was fun and totally different than what I’m used to, and it was nice being in a crowd NOT mainly comprised of  white people. Like wow, people were so chill, kind, and friendly to each other, and nobody was blathering on about their startup. I need more of this energy in my life.


Have you ever randomly gone to an event without knowing anything about it? How did it go?

I feel like I should be more careful lest I end up at something super weird or even religious… but so far being spontaneous has worked out for me.

OH and check out my dead hang pull-up progress!!!! I’m closing in on my end of year goal of 5 I think… whoop whoop


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