If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to, NOT DANCING, lol.

No seriously I’m being really bad.

I did have a private lesson because I have to use them up before November (like seriously I got 5 private sessions for my birthday in AUGUST 2015 and I’m still struggling to finish them up. What’s wrong with me). But aside from that, damn man, this last semester of school is kicking my butt.

The only thing that seems to motivate me to do anything besides school and homework is cold. Hard. Cash.

…wish is why I made a video for a contest at work!!!

Yes, there is a cash prize, and my broke ass is coming for it. The theme of our contest is Halloween, duh, but people usually try to sneak in references to online education as that’s our line of work. Since I’m personally taking classes online as part of my degree, I definitely have some inside jokes in there for all my virtual peeps. Mute is a consistent issue, ya feel? Other constraints: had to be under 3 minutes. But like… who has time to make anything longer than that anyway? I was very okay with this constraint.

Anyway, wish me luck, but enjoy this video in case it bombs because life is short.


Cost: $52 worth of zombie-related supplies at Party City

Time: 3 hours of shooting at my parents house in Utica before we had to jump in a car back to the city. Fun fact: we listening to the debate in the car on NPR and it was so. entertaining.

Fun fact: bae and me were very concerned about his makeup scaring my 3-year old niece who was visiting, but she was not even phased and was just like, *blinks* “…You look ugly.”


My niece savage AF and I’m into it. (note: her parents are better people than me and told her that wasn’t nice to say but I immediately undid their hard work by laughing and calling bae ugly too. #badaunt).

Anyway, what’s everybody being for Halloween? Sexy Ken Bone? No?

I’m planning on being whatever requires the most makeup possible.

PS. New York City peeps–POLESQUE IS HAPPENING THIS YEAR. Ping me if you’re planning on going!!

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