I want to show you a video but I caaaaan’t yet

Guys, I’m working on this DOPE video project right now in collaboration with Nicole Duquette of the GORGEOUS Hudson Valley Pole Arts space in Kingston, NY.

(In case you don’t believe me: )


First of all, as a person, a videographer could not ask for a better subject than Nicole. She really helps draw people who aren’t into pole right into whatever she’s talking about because she’s so warm and passionate.

This is how Nicole feels about people who say “I don’t have enough upper body strength for pole.”

But as a poler… god damn it I love this woman. She’s classy, cool, and smart as hell, but she’s also not a prudish “This is ART” poler. (No offense to those people but like… we all know this ish originated in stripping, and that’s fine! It doesn’t make you a stripper!)

[NB: I’ve never been a stripper. Contrary to the belief of literally all of my students, I started pole with a dang Groupon. But even I think we can all chill out a little on being sanctimonious about doing Pole FITNESS, NOT POLE DANCE.” That’s kind of insulting to strippers who are probably doing mad cool stuff on the pole too. As Nicole would say, we’re all pole sisters! Who cares what people’s day jobs are?]

Getting schooled on shoulder engagement

Anyway, here’s the thing: I just talked to one of my professors and showed him a close-to-finished cut, and he had lots of new suggestions. Hence, why I’m not ready to post yet. But then, as I reached into my bag on my very long Amtrak ride back into the city to get to work on said video… NO LAPTOP. I left it on my dining room table at home.

You know that horrible, sick ghosty feeling you get when you reach for something and it’s not there? Like your housekeys? Or your phone? Or your fricking laptop with 3 finals-projects-you-need-to-finish on it?

I had that feeling very severely.

So ANYWAY, I have to schlep the 6 hours home next weekend to get it, but meanwhile, no video yet 🙁 But it’s coming! I swear! And look how cute Nicole is, seriously.

Hudson Valley Pole

This is her getting excited that I’m in an outside leg hang. (YES I AM STILL STRUGGLING WITH THIS. YES I HAD TO RESORT TO TAKING MY SHIRT OFF, I’M NOT PROUD).

Also, this is literally the first time I have ever worn a legitimate pole outfit! More on that later. Dragonfly sent me a set (ostensibly to write about on here), but that isn’t the one I’m wearing here… ***MYSTERIES***

I have opinions on Dragonfly, so if you have any of their stuff, I’d love your thoughts on it! (drop ’em below)

Other good stuff: while I’m in Uticrap–oops I mean Utica–NO I DON’T LOL–I get to see my little niece/nugget get baptized! She spits up like the Exorcist, but look how cute she is when she hiccups!!

My favorite scarf quite possibly will permanently smell like barf but I don’t even care you guys.

(Sorry for the vertical video, I was trying to isolate the blinding cuteness of this baby and leave the boring adult people out of it).

How’s everybody doing? Are we poling? Or are we taking a 2-month long hiatus because we’re tiiiiiiiired (*raises hand*).


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