My best pole fail to date (plus safety concerns re: fake x-poles)

If you’ve ever Googled “pole fail” you know there’s no shortage of hilarious pole mishaps out there, but I feel very confident that mine from yesterday is one of the greats. happened while shooting poses for yet another video project (please kill me, I’m so over agonizing over lighting and shuffling around 2 second clips in Premiere). It’s a hazard of 1. poling in a small space, and 2. enjoying a casual string light.

But compared to some of the more scary pole accidents I’ve seen (and heard about in a pole group I’m in on Facebook), this is nothing. And damn… you really need to be careful with assemble-yourself poles.

Like for instance… never buy a pole that looks like this:


Do any of you guys have poles at home? What are you using? It seems kind of hard to distinguish between the cutesy “just walking around while holding it pole” mostly reserved for bachelorette parties and real “horizontal-load-bearing” poles meant for really climbing, spinning, and posing. But if you’re poling for more than a “pose in front of it as a photo op” type situation, definitely make sure that your pole is up to snuff. And if you’re shopping for an X-Pole, be very careful not to buy it from the vendors named in this post.

As X-Pole Australia mentioned, a poler was seriously injured on one of those and might possibly never walk again, so this is really not something to screw around with.

Having had two X-Poles now that I probably didn’t put in exactly right, so I can attest to never having had an issue with them–not so much as a single scare in the mildest sense. One commenter wondered, “Does it HAVE to be X-Pole to be safe?”… and I’m honestly not sure. The ones you physically attach to your ceiling and floor with hardware are probably quite safe. But as far as “tension” mounts go, I think X-Pole’s probably one of the few legitimate brands for serious use.

Do you guys have something different? Heard of another brand that’s got a good reputation? I’m curious..

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