Music Monday: Britney Spears Blackout jams are what your gym playlist needs YESTERDAY.

This is random, but I’ve been reading some interesting Britney Spears stuff lately… mainly a Buzzfeed piece on her lost album and this super sad but wonderfully pro-Britney/pro-empathy in general piece on her on Noisey. You guys, I feel really horrible for what we did to Britney, because I remember how funny and charming and polite and poised she was in early interviews, and, compared to the dead shark eyes thing she had going on from 2008-2013 or so… wow, we definitely fucked her up. Like, savagely so.

So NATURALLY during all this useless research I started listening to some of the tracks I was bumping on my iPod mini circa 2008 and oh my god… this music though. Blackout is definitely my favorite Britney moment, and she hasn’t done anything that sounded like it before or since, that heartless bitch. I’m not in love with the electronic direction she’s been in lately, but damn, 2006/2007 Britney can GET IT. This music was fierce and fearless AF and I am 100% still here for it.

Only a couple of these songs would really work on the pole, but, do you even care? This is Boss Bitch Minspo (musical inspo) and awesome gym playlist fodder.

Here are some of my favorite Blackout tracks, as well as a couple other songs that I feel have not received enough love. Like, can we all stop Baby One More Timing and give Chaotic its due??? I’m bored.

1. Get Back

2. Chaotic

3. Perfect Lover

4. Trouble


5. Freak Show

6. Intimidated

7. Hot as Ice

8. Lace and Leather

9. Get Naked


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