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This is Madeline Elizabeth, my new niece <3<3<3

Aside from literally facetiming myself into her crib in Boston as much as possible, I’ve been doing lots of stuff that has prevented me from poling/blogging about pole very much.

  1. School. Ugh. Don’t get me started. The countdown to graduation in December begins…
  2. BAE. Just had a one year anniversary, which is astonishing to my Forever Alone usual self. To celebrate, we went to see Ballet X (because he knows I’m obsessed with ballet) and YOU GUYS, THEY DANCED TO AMY WINEHOUSE… specifically to my favorite version of my favorite song. I’m now SO inspired to dance to this for my first competition/performance which is my new life goal after school.

Here’s the song, for reference, and yes it IS on my pole playlist already, thanks for noticing!!

Here’s the original version, which is also extremely danceable:

We also went to a 90s party where they played a song that there’s only one way to dance to…

Unrelated: I was traveling for work this past week and he told me he was going to show me something sexy on Skype, but I had to close my eyes first.

butt 1
A butt?
butt 2
Not a butt.


3. Freelancing. I’m SO honored to be writing for the Gothamist, but damn, I take this shit seriously and that means a lot of work. Every time I get an assignment I completely get cold sweats (New York culture is not something you want to get wrong), so please don’t tell me if the comments are mean because I haven’t looked and I have no intentions of doing so. But yeah, these things have required a ton of research and fact-checking so they’re kinda eating up a lot of my free time. I’ve made peace with a very work-hard/play-hard summer.

How’s y’alls summers going so far? Taking a hiatus from pole to do activities requiring sunscreen or staying strong?

I haven’t really done much in class that I’m excited about showcasing, but hey, sideclimbin’!

Honestly it’s been so hot in NYC that staying indoors in an AC’d studio isn’t a bad idea!




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