Back to School–I Got to Make a Video!

So the less stressful dealing with Adobe Premiere gets, the more it seems I enjoy video assignments as homework. This one was quite fun!

The project was a 30-40 second bio video that either shows your likes and dislikes or a special skill.

I’ll bet you can guess which one I picked ;D

Me and my used-used AC (meaning, I got it used from somebody who also got it used) were not really enjoying this heat dome thing, so my pole was a bit of a slip and side. BUT, a few insights: Urban Decay No-Slick Makeup Setting Spray will allow you to sweat THROUGH your makeup (????) somehow but keep the makeup in place for the most part. I mean I was honestly dripping from the face and toweling myself with a rag, and my makeup looked good enough at the end of a three hour shoot that we decided to take advantage of the lights and nice set up to snap a few headshots. My application technique, if you’re curious, was basically: foundation–spray the shit out of my face–powder–spray the shit out of my face–blush/bronze/eyes–spray the shit out of my face–and then one more spritz at the end for luck. $28 well spent. I had a little wear around my hairline where I was aggressively rubbing with a towel, but otherwise, nothing moved.

These were taken at the end of an EXTREMELY long and sweaty day. Not bad, Urban Decay! (I wish they paid me, but they don’t.) Last shot is my favorite. I feel like I was really expressing myself! As always, I’m doing free advertising for Victoria’s Secret in this shirt. God damn it.

The other insight is that if you already know you’re not going to use the audio for a shoot, it’s really fun to bitch and complain about every pose while smiling 😀

Overall, this was a fun weekend, and of COURSE I used the finished product to plug this blog because what else even matters????

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