Gone Campin’ (a yearly occurrence)

but not before being those assholes who feed the aimals. sorry not sorry... he was so cute!!

So last week I was straight chilling’ in the Adirondacks with bae, but I bet y’all didn’t even know it because I SCHEDULED posts (muhahahahaha). Funny how I can’t seem to be this organized with school work but when it comes to pole I’ll put in that kind of effort…

It was terrifying to be away from the gym for a week, so I tried to do something physical every day we were up there (as I live in fear of losing my pull up gainz. I WORKED TOO HARD FOR THOSE PULLUPS).

So, we kept active. There was a lil’ canoeing….


…A lil wandering around the woods pretending to be walkers from the Walking Dead (#obsessed) …And a little mountain climbing.


This is significant because my family goes way back in upstate New York, and my dad and grandpa and great uncles all grew up hiking Bald Mountain, aka Rondaxe Mountain, about an hour and a half from my family’s house, and the house my dad grew up in.

IMG_5214-ANIMATIONBefore our camping trip, my dad told me about a boulder on Rondaxe that’s the backdrop for a family-famous picture of my Great Uncle Vin. It’s a bit off the beaten path on the mountain (past the official summit, and with no trail markers to find it), but makes for a great photo op.

Obviously my response to this was “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED,” and… drumroll… we found it!!

This is me planking that shit in 2016, and here’s my Great Uncle straight chillin in 1954. Pretty cool!

1954 vs 2016 dated

How handsome is my great Uncle Vin???

How weird is it that I paired a bikini top with a sports bra?? #readyforanything #bigbooblife

Speaking of style I’m also rocking my boyfriend’s sweats in this photo because I got lighter fluid all over my yoga pants. Camping!mountain

If you’re wondering how me and bae also got to do an extended photo shoot at the summit, it’s because we ignored thunder on the way up (and the streams of people running DOWN the mountain, rightly afraid of the storm) because we’re stubborn and dumb. Our idiocy and risk taking was reward with a mountain all to ourselves!

You can see the thunder clouds off in the distance in these pics, but don’t worry, they were heading away from us at that point. Never did get any rain, but had a great time dicking around up there all by our lonesome.

Overall it was a great trip… minus the chipmunks who snuck into our bag of marshmallows and shit all over them. (Literally. Chipmunk turds everywhere).

camping collage
Chipmunk: “I’m an asshole.”

How do you stay in shape on vacation? Do you even give a fuck? I almost did some pushups but then I was like nah and had a beer. Vacation has to stay somewhat pure, right?




  1. Just yesterday I was mentioning to the husband that I only use my sports bras for poling (not “exercising”) so vacation for me has just as many (zero) push-ups as usual! 😉

    • Oh I definitely have poling sports bras and then anything-that-might-involve-bouncing sports bras (which I then layer with like, a stretchy sports bra). No wonder they need their own drawer 😐

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