The Weekend, As You Are… (#MusicMondayOnAWednesday but also how I’m feeling)

Hey y’all!

So I was looking at Nina’s FEATURED spot on this blog and had a dumb realization: other people are poling on social media with hashtags and ish, and I’m just completely missing it.

Like… #realpole is a thing. #realpole, where have you been all my life?!!! This hashtag (for other uninformed people like myself) is for people showing the pole struggle… which is 99.9% of pole, if we’re being honest. So like, that wiggling you do to get into a leg hang, flexed feet, fear faces… it’s all there.

It’s my own damn fault for avoiding pole-related social media and missing this, I guess, and that’s mighty ironic because I usually avoid pole social media to escape the FOMO and pressure to be kicking my own head upside down while hanging from my pinkie toe. But lo and behold—there was a movement there for me the whole time!

I fully encourage you all to post and share your sweet, sweet struggle with #realpole because I’ll be looking and resharing. Also, what other hashtags am I missing? And while you’re at it, please let me follow you on IG/Twitter because I want non-pole celebrity pole peeps to interact with. Share your handle in the comments!

Anyway here’s my song (and mood) for this non-Monday music Monday post!


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