Side-eyeing This BeSpun Flow Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.54.38 PM

Maybe I’m just being grouchy because I’m in finals hell, but this shit is way too athletic.

When BeSpun first announced these flow challenges I was like YASSSSS, something I can participate in that doesn’t require a Fonji or a cartwheel onto the pole or whatever other gymnastic trend is happening in the pole world.

And then I watched the videos.

“Oh okay… yeah I can’t really do a split where I touch my front leg to my face but okay, maybe there’s more I can do.”

“Oh okay I can’t really do that thing where you balance on your head while doing a layback bridge thing, but maybe there’s something else I can do.”

“Oh, okay. I literally can’t do 80% of this.”


Again, am I just being grouchy? Is the whole point being challenged and I’m missing that?

Anybody else get annoyed at pole moves that only look good with extreme flexibility and 9 inch heels?



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