Drumroll: It’s called a Capezio!!

Harriet came through for me on this one–the weird move I was trying to describe (and did so very poorly) was called a Capezio (at least by my instructor, the hilarious and cool Rica at B&P) and possibly a dolphin by Angela’s teacher.

As Angela pointed out in the comments for the last post, this one’s great for intermediate beginners because there’s so many points of contact–but you do have to be comfortable enough in a thigh hold to lean back and regrip below your legs. Definitely a bit of a spooky experience the first time.

Here’s a video I shot 10 minutes before leaving for a belly show this weekend (hence the false eyelashes and pin curls). Yes, I arrived sweaty and late.

If you want to try this one at home, I definitely recommend practicing first 1. thigh grip sits with straight legs, then progressing to 2. leaning from one side to the other and noticing how you can lock in your legs with a “push pull,” 3. leaning back in this tilted “push pull” position with your top hand gripping near your waist and your bottom hand grabbing under your bum, and finally 4.  opening your legs into this jazz split/half stag position (but remembering to push against the pole with your top, bent leg).

This WILL hurt a little, and I have the crotch bruise right now to prove it. But it’s so cute!

If you try it send me a pic or vid!! I wanna see!

And speaking of pics, here’s some of the show the pin curls were for! We were channeling some Britney vibes circa Me Against the Music. Very fun 😀

The fabulous Maki moves created something called “cha-cha fusion” for us set to an Arabic version of “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.” We got to throw our hats, so obviously I was thrilled.


Photos by Michael Ortiz: (except for the backstage shot, that’s someone’s iphone 😉



  1. Hard to tell exactly from this angle but I think my studio calls that a layback variation 🙂

    Pole would definitely benefit from having the same names for tricks used at every studio 🙂

  2. 1. Yass! 2. You keep your legs more in line with each other and we spread ours lots. Like make a V with your index and middle finger then spread, we did that. Seemed to make it a little easier.

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