What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you before a pole class?

Please let me know. I think I just made my own hall of fame last night: I knocked over a bottle of scented diffuser oil while changing and successfully soaked my pole clothing in oil.


Recap: Oil-soaked pole clothing 3 minutes before class.

It wasn’t a total disaster because I was able to run up and buy a new ($30, ugh) tank for class, but I’m sure my pole mate didn’t appreciate the stench of some sort of floral bug spray or whatever TF that oil was supposed to smell like.

Runner up: that time I was supposed to TEACH a class and realize that what I that were pole shorts were actually a pair of balled up black tights. I thought I had saved the day by cutting them into little shorts and doing my thing but it wasn’t until after class that I caught a glimpse of my floral underpants showing directly through from behind. Whoops.

What’s the worst thing YOU ever had to deal with right before a class or performance? Did you soldier though? Ain’t nobody got the money to skip class and still pay for it because of cancelations policies, please tell me you soldiered through.

But luckily, this particular pole class was awesome! I learned this thing that I didn’t get a picture of and also don’t know the name of but let me try to describe it?

You do a normal pole sit with straight legs, tilt to the side so that your top leg is making contact with the pole from the front (like, not the side or back of your leg, right on the quad). Then you lower your top hand (same as top leg), sweep your bottom hand out and around, opening your chest, and grip below your butt, and—pushing your top leg into the pole from the quad–bend the top leg, and straighten and open the bottom one. As you start to feel more secure, open your chest and arch your back more, trying to touch your top foot to your head. So pretty!

It looks super spooky and hard, but actually the more you open your legs (while making contact with the inner thigh of your lower leg and quad of your top leg), the better and more secure the pose is. Very pretty, and not that tricky or painful!

I’ll have to upload a photo/video, but please let me know if you think you know what this is called!!


      • Stumbled upon your lovely blog while looking at reviews for Body and Pole! Keep up the good work – I love reading about others’ pole journeys! As for the move you learned, I just learned it this weekend! I think it’s called the jazz split?

        • Oh snap! Where did you read it? It’s basically my home studio since my Bay Ridge spot closed, but I have kind of a love-hate relationship with B&P. Happy to answer any questions you have about classes or teachers! And awesome, glad you like! Jazz Split is definitely what your legs are doing… maybe it’s just a Jazz Split on the pole? Or Extremely Painful Jazz Split? Personally I’m going to start calling it the Bruised Crotch haha. I’m posting a video of it soon–let me know if that’s what you learned!

      • Yes! The instructor also said it can sometimes be called “Capezio”, I believe? All these damn names are so hard to keep track of! But yes! Bruised Crotch works, too hehehe. But really, I fell down the rabbit hole of your blog and just kept reading and reading (when I should have been working…!). Can’t wait for your video!

        Also, to your first question, I pretty much just googled “body and pole reviews” and your B&P bingo post popped up!

        I’ll shoot you a message via your contact page later!

  1. My instructor called it a Dolphin, but she made her own names for EVERY move so I know that’s not it. It looks AMAZING and is not hard except for trust issues if you have short arms. The best tip for confidence in this pose is that you have many points of contact. Your legs are doing a push-pull on the pole and you have at least your top hand and probably your bottom hand in contact. On slow spin you’re a goddamn rockstar. (On fast spin you’re probably dead, because your head is kind of upside down and that shit gets scary.)

    • “not hard except for trust issues” hahahaha SO true–letting go is the big barrier.

      And yes, looks dooooope on spin pole! But the problem with doing anything sideways on spin is that if you’re having a bad time and are trying to get out of it, it only gets faster and more hellish as you try to pull in haha.

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