Music Mondays: Like a Fool, Kiera Knightley

Yes THAT Kiera Knightley. She can sing! Who knew!

I just saw Begin Again, and boring gender and Adam Levine stereotypes aside (he really does play exactly who we all expect him to be in person), this was a cute movie with lots of great music. Watch Instantly on Netflix, DO IT.

Anyway this is a sweet little number that kinda devastated me (and aforementioned douchebag Adam Levine) in the context of the movie, and  I would definitely do some faux-sweet choreo to it.

Below are also two versions of Oscar-nominated “Lost Stars” (also on the soundtrack), just cause I like ’em!

(The order is Adam Levine’s version first and then Kiera’s, but please know–again, in the context of the movie–that Kiera’s came first because noted douchebag Adam Levine STOLE HER SONG. That douchebag.)


  1. I didn’t know she could sing! I think I will watch his v though it’ll be mushy and also seems like it’ll make me mad with douchebaggery. 😀

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