“Leg Tightening” Exercises, Courtesy of Child Gymnasts

Yup, I’m back at it again, watching auto-plays of gymnastics conditioning for things I’ll never do like “back limbers” and anything on the uneven bars.

Yet I cannot. Stop. Watching. And sometimes that comes in handy, because I’ll occasionally stumble upon something relevant!

“Leg Tightening” in gymnastics basically means conditioning to build the strength required to keep legs perfectly straight during skills. I’m sure a lot of you aren’t really honing a beam routine right now, but you probably DO want to get your legs a little straighter in pole sits. These exercises are for you!

And the best part: they require no equipment, and are  a great little warm up or cool down addition to stretching. I’ve been doing the “taps” without anything under my feet because I’m weak, but if you’re going to go that route, I recommend a folded towel.

For a “barre” try the back of a chair, a counter, or if you’re brushing your teeth like I usually am during any kind of ballet nonsense, your sink.

Happy tightening!

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