Music Mondays: The Devlin’s, World Outside

Do you guys remember when Natalie Portman was a stripper and popped what looked damn near a center split in Closer?

I do. Here’s some grungy Natalie realness to kick off a rainy Monday:

Did anybody go to the Aera show last Friday? I was there and seated uncomfortably close.

Bae got his foot (only one) washed as part of the show and I could smell Sam Doblick’s hair. CLOSE. SERIOUSLY CLOSE.  (His hair smelled really, really good btw. #adonisstatus).

This is my foot literally on the stage before the show.

This show… this show was just boss AF. I noticed so many more details being close and seeing this a second time because I wasn’t as concerned with plot points, who was who, etc.  Even bae noticed how the dancers stayed in character even in the wings, and how gorgeous the acro work was (we couldn’t really see anything that happened on the floor from where we sat last time, and wow, did we miss a lot). The grace and poise was utter perfection. Can’t wait to catch another show from these guys!

But that was Friday. Saturday, I had a show with Bellyqueen in scenic New Jersey! Only being partially snarky about this because we DID actually get to side outside and eat snacks in the sunshine under a tree.

Pre-show grind with the Fire Blossoms!

It was pretty fun! We did the same choreo we’ve been working on (and experiencing technical difficulty in rehearsals with. Ahem).

And then, I swear to god, after 10 years of trying: I put on my own false eyelashes without resorting to smearing the glue directly onto my eyelids and just mashing them on. Proud moment. I never remember to take a pic of my hard makeup work until after the show when I’m sweaty and gross so this was taken literally on the way to the stage 6 minutes before showtime.


 Last random thought: today’s Teacher Appreciation day so be sure to be extra nice to your pole instructors! They make some hard shit look easy AF, be kind to them, maybe bring them a Luna bar or a bottle of Dry Hands or something.

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