Why are you here? Please take this pole. (freudian slip)


JK, but not really. I’m curious about you. How long have you been poling? Years or just curious and thinking of starting?

Do you read pole blogs for information and tips or fun and commiseration?

I’m at a crossroads here. I miss teaching a looooooooooot.

I feel like I’d like to start just posting simple, cute combo videos with breakdowns, because that would be fun for me, and an excuse to dance more.

But, drawbacks:

1. I don’t know if y’all want that shit. I’m a firmly “beginner-intermediate” level dancer, and I get the feeling everybody else is doing flips and shit and would find level 1/2 combos boring. (Maybe that’s just on instagram?).

2. I get inspired by music and I know if I post me dancing to a song via YouTube it will get taken down immediately. (Does anyone know a way around this?)

3. I feel a lot of pressure to have a gorgeous background for vids, but let’s face it, I live in a studio apartment in Brooklyn and you can choose either a view of the bathroom or a view of my refrigerator, and that’s what I’m working with.

So anyway, please take this pole, and give me some advice or something in the form of a comment. Or tell me how stupid this blog is or about your cat, or whatever, that’s cool too.



  1. How dare you not let me choose more that one at a time! I want to see these beginner things. I liked the pirouette business. I hate that everything is level 17 on the Internet. I’ve been poling for six years and can’t invert. I just like to spin and flop around the floor. Gimme some stuff I can actually do and I’ll love you forever.

    • girrrrrl that’s what comments are for. LEVEL 17 OMG I FEEL YOU. and then those people still be like, “I’m so bad at pole, this video is so ugly, don’t even bother watching.” I just wanted to be sure other people felt like this too, thank you!!! I know for me, I really get down with poleography classes–using stuff I know how to do or stuff I can actually learn in an hour and making cool combos. That to me is more fun and exciting than trying to get a trick without figuring out how to dance in and out of it!

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