Flavor of Love Show (Bellyqueen)

That's me 4th from the left

Did you read that and think of this?

flavor flav

Yeah I did too.

But it actually looked like THIS:

The show went really well despite the fact that I didn’t get there until 1/2 hour before house open and completely missed tech. I never do that. (And YOU should never do that guys. It’s bad. I had a school emergency tho).

So yeah, had no idea where my marks were or how we were spacing for the stage or what the floor was like (SO many turns, so high a risk).

BUT, Maki (troupe director) told me beforehand, “Just be confident and emotional. You perform a lot, you’ll be fine.” And I suddenly DID feel like I’ve performed a lot, and would be fine. And I was.

But seriously, y’all, never miss tech.

Flavor of Love Group.jpg
I’m way in the back, checking what everyone else was doing (the theme of this show, basically). photo credit: bae

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