I SURVIVED, plus: hula hoop and burlesque???

Hey all!

I finally have a month off from school, and I’m on the mend from an illness that took me out of commission for the holidays, but I’m excited to start training again!!

No goals or resolutions as of yet except to get back on the horse. I want to focus more on dancing and quality of movement in general this year, not trying to beat my body into submission to perform tricks like show pony. That way of looking at pole just kind of makes me dread class, ya know?

I want to focus on flexibility and conditioning, and maybe take some modern dance/more ballet to work on that. My gym now has BARRE (did I mention that? I feel like I’ve been prancing around telling everyone who will listen) so it’s been really great to get that kind of conditioning in before and after work with my regular month membership, and without stressing about class packages at the pole studio.

How was everybody’s holidays??? Any pole goals or dope gifts? Tell meeee.

And to prove I’ve been busy, btw, check out the movies I’ve been making! Like seriously. I shot all of this footage and I edited it into videos. I had to buy microphones and shit. This has been so new and seemingly out of my depth, but it somehow got done. You’ll be amazed at what you can do when you have to!

This one’s a “journalism” style piece about a burlesque dancer I had never met until our first interview–and who I had two days only to shoot because my professor made me change topics last minute. Imagine my delight when I got to her rehearsal and realized she’s not a lyra-er trying burlesque for a the first time (a mutual aerial friend told me she was a “hooper”), but rather a long time hula hooper trying burlesque for the first time while incorporating hoop into her routine!

This chick was a total pro and an absolute joy to shoot and watch. Sadly this video captures only an iota of her talent, but still worth looking at!

And again, here’s the final cut of that PSA I made about women walking home at night (based on the true story of that time I got followed home in my neighborhood and my dad’s suggestion that I wear men’s clothes on the street to ensure my late-night safety).

Missed all of y’all, hope everybody’s doing well, in the studio and out!

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