I made a PSA about that time I got followed home!

This is the best part about having a creative major: you get to/are forced to use your personal experiences to make stuff!

The assignment was to make a fake PSA, so naturally, I did one about something I care deeply about: street harassment and safety.

As you guys might remember, I had a close encounter of the pervy kind last year. And my dad (meaning well) suggested that I start packing men’s clothing with me on dates so that I could pretend to be a dude on the way home and thus be left alone.

That struck me as deeply fucked up, because how is it we live in a society where gender=safety privileges, and that’s acceptable? Like, fuck that.

So I made a movie about it.

Anyway, this is my second film ever (!!!) so please excuse any glaring errors. #learning.

I’m in final projects hell at school right now but I plan to fully binge on pole for the entire month of January when I get a break.

Hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving!

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