Baby’s first video for J-School and of course it features the pole

My classmates must be like… wut.

So the assignment was supposed to be telling a story using natural sound (ie. stuff that happens in a scene that you capture right while filming–not music of effects added after the fact). But, like… I had already asked my polin’ friend Irene to help me make a video for this class before I knew what the stipulations would be, so, this video was going to be about pole.

Sorry not sorry.

Huge thanks to my friends who did things at multiple angles over and over again, and a huge sorry to Irene whose dancing was very constricted by lack of light and the fact that I wasn’t allowed to pan for this project (ie. move the camera with her to capture her moves). She also ripped her leggings on an errant nail in my floor. I’m sorry my home is so ratchet and attacked your clothing, Irene 🙁

Big ups also go to my PA Alan who played a game of freeze tag all day while we shot this because my floor was creaky and I was always asking him to move stuff out of the shot and then FREEZE or it would make noise captured by my giant, oddly phallic shot gun mic. The patience was next level.

This video is a hot mess but it was really fun to learn as we did it and pretend to be serious filmmakers. Here’s to more and better pole-themed movie-making in the future!

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