Repurposing Stripper Heels

Exhibit A: Halloween costume

I was an Ashley Madison Bot.

Love proving I can walk in heels without committing to them for a full day (I switched to boots later and no fucks were given, unlike with a real outfit that requires them. Looking at you, culottes).


Someone threw a beanbag at me while this photo was being taken. I caught it because I’m a motherfucking boss.

bot from behind

This QR code worked, P.S.IMG_4028

This photo doesn’t have anything to do with stripper shoes but is notable because it’s the first time I copied internet makeup and had it come out!

I was specifically trying to get the gears to look like gears and not black flowers. I didn’t have the dope glitter this makeup artist used so I did my own thing with eyes and face. Pretty pleased! (But seriously get the full tutorial from this chica here, she’s good!)

How was everybody’s halloween? I saw some promos for some pretty awesome pole shows going around but I’ve been swamped with homework 😐


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