Gone campin’

the ducks must have recognized us as the girls with cinnamon raisin bagels because they did a fly-in visit.

Not dead. In the Adirondacks for my little sister’s birthday. Doin’ it for ourselves!

There are ducks and shit, it’s awesome.

Also, just saw MY BEST FRIEND GET MARRIED in Boston. It was nuts. She was a gorgeous bride and my extremely talented lil sis did all the hair. Oh and it was in a BARN which was actually stunningly beautiful all lit up, plus a great place for dancing (before I stepped on an uneven board and went down in my platforms in front of everyone. Whoops. I love a stripper heel, LET ME LIVE). There were also chickens and pigs around. So basically this past week has involved 95% more wildlife than I am accustomed to. It’s been great. Especially since my older sister and niece live in Boston so… I GOT TO SEE THE STINKER! 😀

Other stuff that happened: my sister and I left a bag of bagels unattended for ONE HOUR inside of another bag inside of a screen tent and a little bastard chipmunk got in and destroyed two of them. So we fed the rest to the ducks.  They were super greedy. But one of them did tricks!!!

And here’s some unwashed camping pics!

Hope you all are sucking every last bit of sunny happiness out of this last week of summa!!!

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