Reflecting on a summer of poling (lightly)

Hey snitches.

My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year (tomorrow) and this is the list I gave her (from which she could pick an item or two):

-Ballet slippers

-OR just a package of black socks. Exactly the same thing, practically.

-An over the door pull up bar (like, self explanatory).

-Ear buds.

This is an accurate reflection of my interests this summer.

I signed up for “summer school” at Body and Pole, which, in hindsight, was a mistake.

For one thing, I didn’t calculate how many weekends I’d need to be out of town this summer–camping trip, wedding shower, wedding-wedding, special visit home to visit the Lil Stinker who looks like this now, CAN YOU STAND IT??

Julia ūüėÄ

My favorite classes–and frankly, the only ones I’m fit¬†enough to do in a row–are all on weekends: ballet, flexibility, and poleography.

The classes available on weeknights are too early (5pm???? Body and Pole you need to calm down, you’re a half hour away and I get off work at 6), or too freaking advanced (we all remember my foray with “floor fusion”).


The upside is, without feeling guilty about spending precious pole $$$ on flex classes, I did definitely did get super into flexibility this summer. And that is (sorry, I have to do it again), 100% due to the lovely teachings of Emily Sanderson, who was just made flexibility director/czar/empress/etc at Body and Pole. Coming back from that low back disc issue, I could weep tears of gratitude at the zero-pressure atmosphere she creates in her class. With her cues and notes on where things should feel “interesting” and plenty of modifications, I always know HOW to push a little harder if I want to, but I never, ever¬†feel shamed into doing stuff that doesn’t feel right. I only wish this was true of all of my fitness classes. #SHADE.

Okay stopping gushing now,¬†I also had a blast with Polegraphy–and omg, I discovered so much amazing music. Body and Pole had a studio-wide “Glass Animals” movement and now that’s my whole stretching playlist.

Here’s a sample of how sick this music is for pole (this is Emily from flex dancing to Gooey. BTW, COULD YOU JUST DIE at her fluidity???):

I could post a shitton of videos here, but, I just did a dump on instagram, so click the¬†the link to the laptop-friendly version¬†of all those.¬†(Re: instagram: yes, I have one, yes I’m still intimidated by other dancers, and yes, I’ve decided to embrace mediocrity and put it out there. We need more examples of what “intermediate” looks like, or MARION CRAMPE WINS).

Huge ups to Tatiana, Kelly, and Irmingard of B&P for their beautiful choreo which was unfortunately butchered by my willing, yet not terribly able body. The struggle is real, but so is the progress!

What have y’all been up to?

Are you on insta? Can I follow you? I don’t know anyone. Come find me at @thespindiaries!

Now enjoy these¬†pictures I took from”Movies with a View,” plus other miscellaneous summer picks. Movies¬†with a View¬†is basically free movies under the Brooklyn Bridge, and the night I took the pics we¬†saw “Dr. Strangelove.” It was motherfucking hilarious. PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS BODILY FLUIDS.

Oh, and after that, I’ve dropped a few choice yummy jams from Glass Animals.¬†I¬†HIGHLY recommend you use them as Pandora/Spotify inspiration, they’ll turn up some great pole music.

Glass Animals Songs I Like (presented without comment because this post is already hella long).

1. Gooey (the song Emily’s rocking above)

2. Black Mambo

3. Hazey (Click here to see a clip of some dope Tatiana choreo for this!)

4. Toes

5. Gooey Rework

I saved this one for last because we’re working on choreo for it in Kelly’s poleography class tonight–stay tuned!



  1. This post was so jam packed with goodies I can’t even remember everything to comment it all, so here’s a recap of a response. You are totes adorbs, more selfies. Love good banter. I have to assume Emily is a pro who poles all day because damn. Instagram yay! I almost exclusively follow real people instead of pros so you make me happy. The end.

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