I learned how to make a pole dancing gif!



I love gifs. They’re so weirdly mesmerizing.

bitch i'm fabulous

So anyway, I was messing around on my pole this weekend (hence this gif), and decided to try a handstand.

And I was like… wow, okay, that went better than expected! It was definitely hard (you can see me shaking!) but I didn’t feel as scared or as disoriented as I usually do in an upside down, free-standing movement. Progress!

Note: this may seem obvious but it was helpful to me: I just started (literally, one class under my belt) this floorwork/capoeira-inspired class, and the teacher tells us to PUSH against the ground through hand-based movements. Really helpful for handstands on or off the pole! (LOL as if I have ever done a handstand off the pole, but I’m using my imagination).

I also got yet another failed try at taking my leg warmers off without stopping a dance. Listen, I don’t care, I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS WORK. I’m convinced it can be done, somehow, someday.

Oh and here’s a still of my shirt flying up in a handstand with a filter, because why the f*** wouldn’t I put a filter on this? Filters on everything.


Here’s a photo of  how red my thighs were afterward–without a filter because my thighs are majestic on their own and don’t need one. (Sorry that this is also a closeup of my crotch, the proximity of thighs to crotch could not be helped. I made it small so as to be less offensive).dat burn

For real though, my thighs really hurt.

How’s everybody? Anyone want to do a music swap? Here’s what I’ve been listening to. Share something!

1. Otis Redding, Stand by Me

This version has the perfect amount of lilt for pole. #Classic

2. D’Angelo, Feel Like Making Love

D’Angelo on one of my playlists? Not a surprise. I don’t mind being predictable when it comes to consistently perfect pole music tho…

3. Jah Khalib, Out of My Head

I don’t know what language this is in. Russian? Give it a chance because the hook is hot fire.

4. ScHoolBoy Q, Collard Greens

This beat is really different from everything else on my playlists.

5. J. Cole, Wet Dreamz

Love the beat/vibe on this one.



  1. You are cracking me UP. So much happening here. OK. 1. Awesome gif! 2. First, get looser leg warmers, then try these two things; if you do a plow so your legs are picked over your head they are super easy to reach just do it slow and sexy, or do it with a bent leg like a stag again slower is sexy/intentional. 3. I just danced to this for a “fast song/dance” prompt and was surprised how much I loved it, some good slow parts and lots of booty poppin’: https://youtu.be/g28pN6j3R34

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