Do this free barre workout later, maybe!

So I was bingeing on Dance Mom on Hulu when I found this. Thanks Hulu! Still not going to spring for the plus, but thaaaaanks.

The commercial breaks are annoying, and you’ll have to police your own form, but I for one am definitely bookmarking this class for days when nothing’s popping at my usual studio. A lot of these moves are very similar to my barre class at B&P (which is only once a week D: ) so I’m am with it. This is that dance conditioning ish! Meaning, this is the stuff that looks easy but is actually hard because it recruits all the weird little muscles you need for extended moves and balance. Gotta love it. And I promise you’ll start seeing an improvement in your lines with this kind of training, I know I have. #believer.

Also, I think I might actually be type A and film this on my phone off of my laptop so I can cut commercials ;D

Anyway, SPEAKING OF LINES, holy shit have you guys seen this???

I’ve basically been watching it on a loop. And listening to that sooooong tho. It’s like, perfectly crafted for pole and begging for choreo.

Somebody geek out with me on this because I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan’t, so good.


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