Good dance advice: “tighten your holes!”

The girls and I are prepping for a show next Sunday, so we’re rehearsing on our own (this is one third of us, haha).

Our turns are looking pretty tight (heh) which is shocking to me because I distinctly remember thinking I would NEVER get them.

It didn’t help that our teach Maki (who’s only been in the US straight from Japan for like 2 years off and on) kept yelling the same line that cracked everybody up: “TIGHTEN ALL YOUR….. HOLES!” while gesticulating around the butt area.

It’s funny because she’s very proper I don’t think she meant it to come out as vulgar as it did, but, whatever, she’s right!

To stop a turn on a dime, you have to tighten EVERYTHING… holes included. (can’t even type that without laughing, haha)

Wish us luck!


        • LOL no, we were confused too and she was like… “tighten… asshole!” I think she was trying to say like, clench your butt. but it came out so filthy. she’s the literal best. she also sends like 5 emails in a row like, “So grad rehearsal was good!” then five minutes later, “Glad?” …… 5 minutes after that, “Grad? Glad… which is????” We love her haha.

          • That’s awesome! My teacher wanted to use pretty language, so when discussing a sit, for instance, she would reference “your flower” instead of “pubis.” So when it came time to talk about a Hello Boys we all started calling our assholes our “back flowers.” She took the kidding well 🙂

          • OMG “back flower”… I’m dead. In bellydance we talk about not showing the “meow mix” (ie opening your legs toward the audience, haha). in pole classes though they’ll just be like, “put your vagina on the pole” haha… the divide is clear.

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