I’ve been taking a break from pole to do THIS:


Y’all know I’ve been getting frustrated with pole. I feel like I’ve hit a wall–I’m bored with what I know, but I’m just not building the strength for the intermediate moves I keep encountering. Aerial inverts have been wrenching my already iffy lower back, while slipping and sliding and just trying to stay off the ground while learning stuff has just been overwhelming on top of the new skill.

Layer that with  the additional constant pressure to “know this by now” because I’ve poled for a while and you get this face:


So instead, I’ve been trying to build my strength and flexibility through other means–hoping to return back to pole with some new skills and a different outlook in a bit. Right now I’m doing flex, ballet, and my long lost friend…




Reasons I love hoop:

1. So much to hang on to. Are you kidding me? The best. You can also sit and rest between moves. Are. You. Serious.

2. Very similar moves and muscle groups as pole, but without the slipping/smashing/indian burn issues (I’ve bruised a little on the bum bum and behind the knees from the pressure but it’s really not the same as those screaming friction feels from pole).

3. I’m totally new at it so there’s no pressure to be amazing/no progress shaming

It’s also really refreshing to take a break from super sexy. I’m feeling the lyrical flow of hoop, and it’s the MOST satisfying pay off for my work in ballet and flex.

Ahhhhh, just thinking about it makes me feel relaxed and so much happier. Not that it’s not hard work–it’s just the work without all the emotional baggage that’s built up for me with pole. And it feels great!


  1. I have the same feelings about hoop, it’s so refreshing to play with a new apparatus and go at it without any expectations! Plus taking up hoop has helped me build more strength in my lats and to stop relying on my pecs for all my inverts, so yay muscular gains too!

    • Weirdly no!!! I’ve been doing tons of lower back stretching and it all feels great to me. My teachers have been describing back bends as “opening through the chest/heart” instead of pinching at the lower back, so it almost feels irrelevent to my back–I feel the stretch in the abs and shoulders instead. funny enough my back HAS been acting up in pilates classes, (which everybody told me would be good for it), so it’s not like the issue went away. I think I’ve pinpointed leg raises as the perpetrator. (And my research says they don’t do anything for your abs anyway, which explains why doing tons of core work has not made them any easier/they still tweak my back like a MOFO). if one more person tells me to “just flatten your back against the floor/pull your abs in more” I am going to SCREAM.

      So yeah I just chill on my mat in child’s pose when the leg raises start and I’m not even sorry. But back bends feel great!


        • dude why are ANY of us doing them??? I think anything the breaks 90 degrees is much more effective (like those reverse crunches that start with legs raised over hips and crunch further in from there). I can definitely feel the difference ie. ab burning.

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