Extended butterfly: trials, errors, and falling on video.

Hey guys!

My friend Irene came over this weekend and we had a pole play date!

She was working on her butterfly, which motivated me to challenge myself too and attempt an extended butterfly. And also, with Irene there, I had someone to spot me/take me to the hospital if I busted my ass, so that was an extra incentive. (Spoiler alert: I did indeed bust my ass, and it’s on video. See below).

So I tried and failed a few different ways, and I’d love to get some poler feedback on technique here. (drop it below!)

On my first few failed attempts, I did my usual butterfly (top leg on the pole from ankle to knee pit, upper body turned out for opposition), but when I straightened my leg and slipped out to my ankle I lost the tension and… well… yeah.

Then I tried an (ugly) version where I hooked my knee first, which WORKED. I think it’s because the hook forced me into a straighter, more squared butterfly where my weight ended up directly overhead (instead of at an angle). With my weight pulling straight back when I stretched out into the extended version, my ankle locked in with the tension on my Achilles, which felt great, and shockingly, SECURE. (Before I was feeling the pull more on the side of my ankle, which felt (and obviously was) much less safe).

So I guess now I need to go back to the drawing board on my plain o’le butterfly and learn how to square it off WITHOUT the knee hook (because it really is ugly).

Aside from that we also working on cupids, and some cute Dirdy Birdy transitions that Irene brought clips of (and a notebook of moves with instructions because the girl is on her game. Seriously, I felt like such a slacker).

Don’t you hate when something that looks simple and easy takes more strength than going upside down?

(That thwacking sound is me hitting my knee, ps).

Irene of course did this beautifully, with much more an arch in the upturned, planky position. Which leads me to believe that hoopers have WAY more shoulder flexibility than the rest of us, and I should get on that.

Here’s DB working the trick: (or click this link to start at 2:03 in case the embed doesn’t take you there!)

What are you guys working on?! Any exciting new bruises?

Happy spring :D!

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